Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gift for my friend's birthday

My new friend is dancer. She had a birthday at June. The first idea I had was to decorate a plate with dancers. Then I thought it will be boring to take a gift with your job you do all day. I know she likes gardering and has got a lot of plants at her balcony. One day I visited IKEA and saw new watering cans they bring. I liked them. I bought one. The second problem was to choose a napkin for decorating. I spent about an hour or two to see all napkins I have. The result you can see below

Watering can (first side)

Watering can (second side)


  1. This is really stunning! First of all I really like the motive from the napkin, didn't see this one before... Did you glue the napkin on the can from one piece or did you cut it? It looks perfect! Such a lovely gift! :)

  2. It's 2/4 of napkin: 1/4 on the every side. I cut it with hand.

  3. Потрясающая леечка


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