Friday, July 30, 2010

Basket for cosmetics

A neighbour asked me to decorate this basket. She took it as a gift. It was completely white. She likes flowers and romantic style. I just tried it to not be so boring

Basket "Roses"

Basket "Roses" (inside)


  1. Hola Yana, esa caja es preciosa, muy delicada con esas flores. Me encantó!

  2. well, my name is Mihaela and are Romania.Yes a while and I watch as you are passionate about decoupage. I'd love to share some great ideas and even become friends. if you agree I would like very much to make a banner or link exchange sites. congratulations to the wonders created by you
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  3. Hi, Mihaela! Glad to see you here... It's very funny. I have a friend here in Thessaloniki called Mihaela from Romania.

  4. I am quite amazed to see your art, I have always loved to decorate the things, so going to pick some of your tricks in my art form. Hope that the result comes out as good as yours.

    Storage Basket


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