Monday, September 26, 2011

Two mirrors fos sweet children

Today I want to show you two mirrors. I did the first at the spring as a gift to my son's girlfriend birthday. The girl loves cartoon about Tinker Bell. Our gift was really liked by the girl. My son helped sprinkle glitter tree. I am not sure it's visible on the photo.

Mirror "Tinkerbell"

Then my son said that he also wants such mirror in his room. I offered him a "boys' version - Lighting McQueen. But he preferred "something sweet: kittens or bunnies" (he is almost 7 years old). After much thoughts, it was chosen the ideal, in my opinion, option: Rosina Weihtmaster's cats. If you remember, a plate with these cats had already been confiscated by the young thug. The result you can see below.

Mirror with cats

Since I still had pieces of that napkin, I decided to make a second mirror. You can find it in my Dawanda shop.

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