Sunday, July 31, 2011

Glues for decoupage

Today I present you some glues I used for decoupage

Universal glues

1. Decoupage glue - ArtPotch by C.Kreul
Very good glue especially for beginners, no-run. I tried it at different surfaces, the result was exellent.

2. White glue for paper
Common and cheap glue for school works. You have to dillute it 1:1 with water for decoupage.

3. Wood adhesive PVA
The same glue with above but thicker (and by this reason cheaper). Usually sold in big bottles from 500 g. You can dillute it 1:5 with water (1 part of glue, 5 parts of water). Anyway it's not for beginners. Experienced masters can try another ratio.

Special glues

1. Textil potch by C.Kreul
It's special glue for textil. You can decoupage your cloth with it. After 24 hours you have to iron it and you can wash decoupaged clothes at 40 C. Of course don't wait the same durability like from factory.

2. Porcelan potch by C.Kreul
Very useful glue for glass and china. The objects decorated with this glue can be used for food. You just bake your finished object in home oven to get safe for your health surface.

If I try a new glue I will update this page later.

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