Monday, October 12, 2009

Shabby roses

Do you remember the work with napkin I disliked? The history seems to be repeated.
There was a friend of mine who bought these napkins at this time. She loved it in the store but me not at all. When we became home she tried to decorate a bottle with it and totally dissapointed.

When I was leaving her we exchanged napkins as usually. I didn't want to take a napkin we had finally disliked both. My friend said me "Take it just to have it" and I laught.

Finally this napkin become four shabby chic pictures.

Pictures "Roses" with shabby chic frames

Framed pictures "Roses"

The part of the first pair of roses

Pictures "Roses" with shabby chic frames (part)

If you don't like classic style you can visit blog of Michabella - modern jewellery creator. And if you like something you can buy it in her shop


  1. Hi Yana..reach your blog the way you made the shabby looks to do it anyway?feel free to drop by to my blog ..same interest in decoupage..

  2. Hello Affeen! It's very easy to create shabby surface. Color it with brown, than white, then sand the surface everywhere you want shabby look

  3. Hi Yana..thanks for the advice..will try it out!


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