Friday, July 31, 2009

Which decoupage glue do you use?

Since I decorate objects with napkin technique I use a white glue for crafts or Art Potch by HobbyLine. Basicly you can use a lot of glues or... varnishes. I know artisans who use acrilyc varnish as glue for decoupage technique.

But I see a lot of mentions about Mod Podge glue. Is it good? Does it have something special?


  1. I have used Modge Podge Glue. I have to say, I wasn't thrilled with it. My project was left sticky and still is 8 years later. Maybe I did something wrong but that is a long time to be sticky :)

  2. hi yana,
    nice to meet you! thanks for stopping by my blog, boys grow at speeds light, just wait unti he's a teen my friends with boys went nuts with how much they ate, so the shoes are "nothing" LOL... but enjoy because it's over in a heartbeat! i love to make things and used to deoupage everything, i even used good old elmers.. have a wonderful day!

  3. Kim, thanks for information about Mod Podge.

    Shelley, see you on Creative Bloggers!

  4. Could you please email me with info on where to purchase Hobby Line art potch, I live in the US and having a difficult time finding something to adhere tissue paper to a ceramic mug (keeping it washable) to give a christmas gifts. Thank you

  5. Mod podge is wonderful I use it all the time the old stuff (several years ago) stayed sticky the mod podge they have now does not dry tacky at all


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