Friday, December 2, 2011

Decoupage gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas is coming! So we are looking for gifts everywhere... Handmade gift is always unique and brings a piece of soul in it. There are some decoupaged gifts I found while surfing. All gifts are from different countries.

Christmas clock with bunnies by Lor4a - (Russia)

Vintage Christmas clock by Irina Lozhnichenko - (Russia)

Jewellery box by Marina Nikulina - (Russia)

Jewellery box and Tree ball by Asket - (Poland)

Tree ball by Doris - (Poland)

Christmas decoration by Sandra -

Winter jewellery box by Agnieszka - (Poland)

If you wish to show your work here just write a comment below,


  1. Hello! My name is Nina.I am comming from Craotia.I would like to say that this crafts are wonderfull..especially I like this Winter jewellery box by Agnieszka.Motiv is beautiful..You can also see my decoupage work on (Croatia)..regards from Nina!

  2. Hello. I see that you have beautiful work and wonder how I have not stumbled upon your blog. Bass is all great. Greetings from Croatia :-)

  3. Thankk you, girls! Nice to meet you

  4. I am loving your beautiful clocks and boxes. I am just getting started with decoupage and have a box and 2 shelves scheduled to be decoupaged. I have only decoupaged one bottle so far, so I am a bit intimidated still.

  5. Thank you Summer, but there are not my works. I with you luck in decoupage!


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